Sports Physiotherapy in St Lucia

Make a real difference on your gap year by coaching basketall in the Caribbean.

Placement Description

There are very few practising physiotherapist in St Lucia and many athletes go untreated for years. In this physio placement, you’ll be supporting and shadowing one of the island’s top sports physiotherapist, who has experience working alongside top international sports teams and is a CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) registered practitioner.

By supporting the work of an accomplished and experienced physiotherapist you’ll have plenty of opportunities to expand on your knowledge and get some hands-on experience. You’ll be working with local and national teams and players, treating current injuries and helping them develop a better understanding of the principles of physiotherapy and the importance of injury prevention and rehabilitation.

For much of your placement you’ll be working at a local sports physiotherapist practice. Your experienced mentor will talk you through specific procedures and important elements of the practise so that you are able to familiarise yourself with the behind the scenes work that goes on within the clinic.

We want you to feel the benefits gained from valuable hands-on experience with injured athletes, and provide you will the opportunities to develop as a sports physiotherapy. This will be supported through one-to-one mentoring.

Sports Physiotherapy Placement in St Lucia
Sports Physiotherapy in St Lucia


You’ll be based in the clinic during the morning helping with appointments and shadowing your mentor. In the afternoon and evenings, you’ll be out working with senior sports teams. We have strong links to the St Lucia national rugby union team and also the St Lucia national women’s cricket team, as well as other national sports teams, so you will have the opportunity to gain experience working as a physiotherapist for these higher level teams.

Depending on the timing of your visit, and the relevant fixtures and schedules, you may also have the opportunity to assist as a sports physiotherapist during domestic and international sports events, matches and tournaments.

Program participant criteria

Sports Physiotherapists need to be self-motivated to take part in this internship and have a ‘hands on’ approach. You must also have recognised experience and qualifications to at least 2nd-year undergraduate level.

Sports Physiotherapy placement abroad
Sports Physiotherapy abroad
Sports Physiotherapy in the Caribbean

Project Overview


  • Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • 24-hour assistance from our in-country team
  • Coaching placements
  • Welcome orientation
  • Pre-departure support
  • Transport to and from training sessions,
  • Coaching shirt
  • Breakfast

Not Included

  • Flights
  • Visa
  • Additional food
  • Excursions
Project Length Cost
Two Weeks £695
Four Weeks £1195
Six Weeks £1595
Eight Weeks £1995
Ten Weeks £2395
Twelve Weeks £2795

Dates for 2022 Projects

Project Start Date Duration
4th February 2 to 30 Weeks
18th February 2 to 28 Weeks
4th March 2 to 26 Weeks
18th March 2 to 24 Weeks
1st April 2 to 22 Weeks
Project Start Date Duration
15th April 2 to 20 Weeks
29th April 2 to 18 Weeks
13th May 2 to 16 Weeks
27th May 2 to 14 Weeks
10th June 2 to 12 Weeks
Project Start Date Duration
24th June 2 to 10 Weeks
8th July 2 to 8 Weeks
22nd July 2 to 6 Weeks
5th August 2 to 4 Weeks
19th August 2 Weeks