St Lucia

Saint Lucia’s landscape is as diverse as her heritage. No two parts of the island are alike! 

Some parts of Saint Lucia are ideal for bustling nightlife and beachside parties, while others offer opportunities to get away from it all and explore dense jungles and quiet vistas.

St Lucia has a diverse history and changed hands between the British and French 14 times. In 1979 the country was granted its independence. This beautiful island has both British and French influences and of course the wonderful Caribbean culture of the region.

It has a hot but pleasant climate, being cooled by its strong trade winds. The island is home to beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, luscious rainforests and the stunning Pitons. These famous landmarks are fringed by exquisite coral reefs that are home to bountiful marine, a must for scuba divers and snorkelers.

While other Caribbean islands lay claim to equally beautiful beaches, St Lucia will tempt you out of the sun-lounger and into the ocean with its bountiful marine life and exquisite reefs, which are a playground for scuba divers and snorkelers. St Lucia’s waters are also prime for kite-boarding and windsurfing, thanks to the aforementioned trade winds. 


St Lucia Factfile


Capital CIty

617 km²


+1 (758)

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Time Zone

Eastern Caribbean Dollar


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